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Hi all,


I have a project I'm working on that automatically advances through the base layer plus two more layers when the timeline ends. There are not back buttons on the base layer, nor layer 1 during the first run through of it. A variable changes at the start of layer 2/the final layer and there are back buttons on that layer. I've done this in case somebody got distracted and missed the automatically advancing introduction but don't have them visible on the first run through it so that people can't just click through the training as quick as they can.



What's throwing me for a loop is that once the back button appears on layer 2 and you click it, it's got a trigger to jump to layer 1. When it goes to layer 1 from here, you can still see layer 2!  I have the "hide base layer" and "hide other layers" selected in each layer but it's still there.


So.. variable change at layer 2, back button present at layer 2, when you click back btn, it should take you to layer 1. Then layer 1 has a state change on that forward/backward button making it visible (since layer 2 = true) and those  buttons take you to the base layer (back) or layer 2 (fwd). Same premise for the base layer, taking you back to the main menu or to layer 1. The first run through is perfect.. it's just when you start doing the btn clicks fwd/back when it gets mucky.


I've deleted out all my other slides and scrubbed the attachment of logos or company specific info... Does anybody care to take a peek and see where I've gone wrong? TIA!

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David Jordan

I made a small example you can use to correct yours.

It has something to do with how you did your triggers. I found it easier just to remake it. an example is when you use the back button from the middle layer, you have a trigger to jump to 1.1, when all you need to do is have a trigger for "Hide this layer". You can compare how i did it to yours and see the difference. Hope this helps.



also, i have the buttons initial state set to hidden, when the timeline starts it checks the variable, if true, set to normal. 

see attached.

Walt Hamilton


Before you make a bunch of changes to what you are doing, there is more here than meets the eye. For one thing, the meet Jeanette layer is corrupted.

You are absolutely correct that it should work as you set it up. The first clue that something is wrong is that when you return to Jeanette's layer, it doesn't hide the other layer. I turned on the seekbar for the slide and played it. The seekbar works for the base layer, and for the Getting Started layer, but it does not for Jeanette, which is another indicator that all is not well.  Jeanette is corrupted.

I copied that layer, and changed all the buttons to point to it, and it started to work. That is all it took to get the back button on the getting started layer to return to Jeanette the way it should.

Returning to the base is a different story. Since you jump there from a layer on the same slide, it doesn't actually jump, the timeline doesn't get restarted, and the nav buttons don't show up. It also jumps to Jeanette, which it shouldn't. Since the timeline is finished, it should just sit there, so the base layer may have some problems, too. One option is to have the back button on Jeanette hide her layer, but the timeline is ended, and the nav buttons don't show. The usual option in this sort of  case is to jump to a slide ahead of your true target, and let it advance to your target, at which point the timeline restarts, and all is well. I created a slide in front of the meet Ray slide. it advances as soon as the timeline starts, so you don't see it.

Normally, this would solve your problem, but it didn't. Ray's timeline didn't start. I didn't take the time to make a copy of the base layer, but I think something is wrong with it. I changed it to reset to its initial state on revisit, and it is working, but that is not how it should work. When you come to it from the untitled slide, its timeline should start.