Questions on setting triggers on pre buttons

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I created several layers on slide #2 in the course. I enabled pre and next buttons on the base layer. If I am on any other layer but the base layer, when I click the pre btn, it will take me to slide#1 rather than the base layer of slide#2.

Is there any ways to make it so when I am on the other layer, by clicking the pre btn, it will take me to slide #2; while I am on the base layer of slide #2, by clicking the pre btn, it will take me to slide #1.




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Dennis Hall

Hi Zhenyu:

Am I correct in reading above that; when you are on a layer in slide 2, you want the previous button to take you back to the base layer of slide 2?

If I am correct, here is a story file you can use to replicate what you want.

In this story file, I have made triggers for both the Previous and Next buttons to control the Layer in slide 2.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Michael Hinze

See attached a quick example of how this might work. I use a True/False variable to signify if a layer is being shown. If yes, slide triggers hide all layers when the Prev button is clicked; otherwise (meaning "I'm on the baselayer") then clicking the Prev button jumps to the previous slide. Hope that helps.