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Marissa Carterud

Hi Christie,

I'm not sure if I can share the file because it's not my content, but I'll add a screenshot. Just to clarify, they would like the mouse movement to click "Classes", which I've built, then right after that, to click "Elements and Compounds". The second mouse movement is where I'm having an issue. When I go to Insert>Mouse>and choose a mouse, nothing happens.


Crystal Horn

Hi Marissa.  This article on Adding Mouse Cursors from our Storyline 2 User Guide specifies that only one mouse cursor can be added to any slide, and it has to fall on the base layer.

Depending on how you have your course set up, maybe a good workaround for you would be to discreetly move to the next slide, created to look just like that initial slide to enable another mouse cursor movement.  When adding a mouse cursor on the second slide, it'll move from the end location on the first slide to the beginning location on the second slide.

 Of course, if there are community members out there who've done a similar workaround, we invite them to share too!