More than one result slide in the course with the timer enabled


I have 3 Result Slides - each with its own questions & timers.

Quiz 1 and its timer work ok, as after time ends...:

  • Quiz 1 navigates to "Thank you for completing the #1 Quiz" slide

However, when time ends after the Quiz 2 & Quiz 3, user is navigated to the same wrong slide:

  • Quiz 2 navigates to "Thank you for completing the #1 Quiz" slide
  • Quiz 3 navigates to "Thank you for completing the #1 Quiz" slide

I do not understand how I can fix it, please advise.

Thank you!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jelena -- Thanks so much for reaching out to our Support Staff. It looks like you are working with our Engineers, Jonathan, on case 00718108. It appears that he recommended the following for anyone who is following along here:

It looks like the Results Slides of Quiz 2 and 3 are corrupted already. Did you somehow copied the quizzes from one scene to another? Or maybe did you copy/paste the Results Slide? This usually happens when some objects are being copied and reused. 

Please feel free to share here or reply in your case to let us know if that will address the issue you are experiencing. You are also welcome to try Vinod's suggestion and hopefully that will do the trick, as well! 

Jelena Labute

Hi Vinod,

Thank you for the provided workaround. But, unfortunately, I have the older version of Storyline, so cannot open the file.

Hi Christie,

I received a reply that the issue is related to a bug in the program. So either it will be fixed soon, either I will need to re-create the whole course.