Morph transition in Storyline

Feb 26, 2019

Hi Everyone. I need a help to learn how can I make morph transition as it is in powerpoint in storyline (like making a curved page turn and zoom at the same time)?:) Thanks.

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David Kolmer

It's fun how I keep getting email updates on the requests for this feature. I am involved because I asked for this feature. Then over time, I have thought more about it. There must be a reason why Articulate has not made this a priority. Perhaps it is the file size or the amount of development time. Either way, I have been thinking more about how adult learning theory applies to this. Although this would be a striking upgrade there would be no improvement in learning; the morph transition would be more like a bell or whistle designers could use to impress stakeholders, not a tactic to promote deep understanding or knowledge retention. I vote that we have more reinforcement activity options in Rise or better collaboration options for team members in Rise. :o)


Wise words, David!  The reality is that the bells and whistles are often the striking difference between applications.  As you mentioned, stakeholders, especially the decision makers, are key.  The decision-makers will compare functionality between applications, looking for those features that are leading-edge.  The users are pivotal in how to use those functions to differentiate themselves and the asset on behalf of the learners.

Morphing is just one more feature Articulate can add to the functionality of Storyline.  As to whether or not it is a priority, look to the competition and the leading-edge programs.

Learning Serg

Articulate, it's been nearly 5 years since this thread was opened. I'll be honest, I'm so over " We're still tracking this request, so I’ll include your voice. We’ll update this discussion if this feature makes it on our feature roadmap." ... When is this happening? Is there not enough community support for this?? Literally, how many users need to come out in support of it for it to hit the roadmap?  Do you need corporate clients involved? This is a genuine question: What do we need to do to help get this on the features roadmap within the next 3 to 6 months?  And with all respect, no more boiler plate generic answers. What do we need to do for Articulate to prioritize this?

Brett Maddern

Absolutely. this is a premium product and we are all paying users. The fact that it is a yearly subscription so that we must commit to a software product well in advance, while being strung along is not a great look. The least that the product team could do would be to let us know if this going to come as a feature, or not. And if so then some sort of timeline, so that we can decide on whether we wish to continue supporting the development of something that has been alluded to for 5 years, yet still has no conclusive answer of if it is happening or not.