Most Recent Saved Version of File Is Not Opening On Teammate's Computer

Jan 21, 2015

Good morning,

I would like to describe an issue we are experiencing in Storyline 1 which involves 2 employees working on the same simple file which includes no multimedia. File consists of 12 slides, 10 of which are quiz questions. The issue is as follows:

  1. Employee 1 creates and works on a file from their desktop, saves file on desktop, uploads file to network drive.
  2. Employee 2 downloads file from network drive to desktop, opens file on desktop, makes edits, uploads file to network drive.
  3. Employees 1 downloads updated file from network drive to desktop, opens file on desktop. Formatting changes made by Employee 2 are not visible to Employee 1 (fonts, sizes, etc.) Employee 1 sees old version of file prior to Employee 2 making changes.

Employee 2 tried changing file name on desktop using Save As function and deleting old file from network drive prior to uploading new file. Employee 1 still sees old file when opening, despite name change.

Any idea what is happening here? Are there any temp files Employee 1 can delete to enable her to collaborate on projects with Employee 2?

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