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Oct 09, 2019

I'm not trying to edit the motion path. I just need to edit the contents of the Text Box that is on the motion path. I used to be able to do this. Now, the text box sits mostly off-screen when Storyline 360 is in edit mode & I can't edit it. If I drag it to where I can see to edit the contents, it destroys the motion path settings. How do I make regular edits to that text box without having to recreate the motion path settings?

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Phoebe Harker-Rivera

I don't understand what you mean.

The issue is that the motion path brings a type of banner (as a text box) scrolling into the center of the page from the left-hand side. The contents of the text box should change depending on the course name. In edit mode, it used to sit in the center of the page where it could be edited. I'm not sure when it happened that it no longer does this. I accidentally created some course content without editing that text box because it is no longer visible in edit mode. When I went back to edit this, is when I noticed that not only can I not see it anymore when I'm editing, I can't even edit it without dragging it back on the slide. When I do drag it onto the slide for editing, the motion path stops working, which means I have to redo the motion path.

All I want to do is edit that text box.

Phoebe Harker-Rivera

Thank you so much for trying to help me.

So now, if there are any other dunderheads out there, this is the solution - in case anybody else is trying to work when they haven't had enough sleep: USE THE RIGHT-LEFT Scroll Bar to edit the text box. This saves your motion path & problem solved. 

Still don't know why it stopped appearing in the center of the slide when I'm editing, but no matter.

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