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Hi everyone!

I'm just tinkering around with the motion paths and am a bit stuck. So i want the options on the right to move the character to the right while the options on the left to move the character to the left. The problem i'm having is that it will move the character the respected way, but when another option is selected it jumps to many spaces. I want each option to move the character 1/4th of the path and when each button is selected, it only goes back 1/4th or forward 1/4th not back to the original start point. I did the relative start-point option but either i'm doing something wrong, or am missing something. Any help/guidance is appreciated! 


By the way, i've looked at the resource videos, but havent been able to locate any that are more than just 2 options.





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Steve Flowers

Hey Austin, 

Simple fixes:) Take a look at the yellow arrow on your motion path. This shows where it will start when the animation begins. To fix this, make sure that Reverse Path Direction is set to where the yellow arrow is at the origin of where you want the animation to begin and pointed in the direction you want it to go. In this case, you probably want to turn off Reverse Path Direction.

You'll also want to turn on Relative Start Point. This will ensure that the animation will start where the previous one ended. These settings are both under Path Options in your Animations Tab, within the Motion Path Frame.