motion paths - pixel perfection?

Feb 07, 2018


I get very frustrated when I try to work with motion paths. I can't seem to find a way to tell exactly which path I'm selecting half the time. And if I accidentally move it a bit, I have no way to get it back to where it was. For instance, I created a simple path the moves the object to the left. Once I had that just as I wanted it, I duplicated that path (and it sits smack on top of path 1!) so I simply select "reverse path." But I need to slide the entire path (path 2) to the right for my desired effect. Somehow I accidentally nudged something.... so now every time the path moves left and right, it goes of course by just a few pixels. I can't get it pixel perfect. Selecting the path and nudging it with the keyboard arrows is too large an increment.

I know I'm a newbie with SL2, but I am forever dreading having to work with a motion path for this reason.

Isn't there some where we can see the individual paths? Is there a motion paths panel that I'm missing, that lets me nudge my start and stop points' x and y coordinates, pixel by pixel?

What am I missing here??



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