Line motion path not moving as wanted

May 28, 2015

So far I have only created 1 lesson in storyline since I got it. So for more practice and understanding of the software I thought I would give the eLearning challenge a shot (image sliders). This would give me some experience with motion paths.

I am trying to create a line motion path that moves a group of objects to the left when a button is clicked. When the button is clicked it shows a new layer moving the grouped image.

To try this out I applied a motion path to the group of blocks. Moved my line motion path so that the #2 box will slide into the red square.

From what I though i understood was from where the motion path is set that the right side of box #2 will slide to the place where the right side of #1 box is.

When I preview this though and click the button the image slides but not correctly.

Is there something I am missing when using motion paths and groups?


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Michael Hinze

I noticed a couple of things: 1. You had a copy of the group on both the layer and the baselayer. 2. On the motion path, youn need to set the Relative StartingPoint option, other wise the animation always jumps back to the origin. Finally, I don't see the need for the layer at all. You can trigger motion path animation directly from the button click. Have a look at the attached file. it'll take some finetuning of the motion path and the spacing of the objects in the group, but with this setup you should be able to create the sliding effect. Hope that helps.

Gary Collins


What I am trying to eventually do is what kevin thorne did here:

When I looked at his source file he has the image he is sliding on a separate layer for left and right so that it looks continuous when you get to the end.

Gary Collins

I also noticed in your example that the beginning of the motion path starts at the center of the grouped objects. Does your start point always have to start there or can you move it? 

If I move to a different location does that move the center of the object to the start point and then move it along the motion path?

Steven Hotson


Gary/Michael, great examples, thanks!!  I'm try to recreate a similar style of slide, see attached screenshot. I'm only using a single grouped item which contains 11 documents on a base layer.  Have you got any tips or tricks on how to best marry up the grouped object and motion path to ensure each document moves to the exact point you require?  I'm finding it difficult to do this even using the grid view option.....

It's almost as if it would be a lot easier if we could use X Y coordinates for the images and also on the motion path itself.




Gary Collins


I couldn't agree more on using XY coordinates. But here are 2 things I did:

1. Setup dummy shapes for your start and end position, this will give you something that you can snap the motion path too and then remove or hide when you don't need them anymore.

2. Next I would preview it to see how close I was, hoping I was right on. If I wasn't, then I would select the stop position of the motion path (red circle) and hold the shift key and then use my arrows on the keyboard to move it pixel by pixel of what I thought I needed for it to be in the right spot. I would preview it and do the same thing again.

This post was actually for an image slider I created for challenge #84 which I describe here.

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