Motion path help

Sep 02, 2022

Please someone save my sanity !

I'm using motion paths just to create a different way of viewing some info. The bottom half of the screen is doing exactly what i need it to do but for some reason i can not recreate in on the top half of the screen.

I've tried using the animation painter and then reversing it - doesn't work ............. I've tried just doing exactly what i did with the bottom half and it creates another motion path. I'm really at a loss but i'm now at the point where i cant let this beat me

I've done it before in a previous job but just cant remember what i did.

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Hayley  Lawes

Yes. that's almost perfect though the third screen on the top path is missing.

I cant see anything that you have done different to me though which is really confusing? what was your process?

on my original it moves along each time you click the button i can only get it to do one slide on the top

Math Notermans

When selecting your motion path ( both start and endpoint ) you can drag the complete path around. On your slides you notice transparant that the original positions are different from start point of your it jumps. Ensure your path ( and the images ) align with your original images you see when dragging. Alas are the motion paths far from perfect. I always use GSAP for animations like this.

Hayley  Lawes

That's the bit i'm unsure how to do. I cant get the transparent and the original to line up. I'm not purposefully moving them but when i try to move the motion path to where i want its moving the whole picture?

Am i missing a trick in how you move the actual motion path with out moving the picture?

Walt Hamilton

The motion path shows you where the center of the object will start and end. So when you move the motion path, the picture of where it will start and end move the same amount. Actually a good thing, so you can see where it starts and ends in relation to other objects. With the path selected, click Format. and you can change the actual numbers of where it starts, and how long or rotated it is. Select the green dot to set the X,Y coordinates of the beginning, and the red dot to set the endpoint.  Remember, those spots are in the center of the object, while coordinates of objects reflect the upper left corner.