motion path stalling

Dec 02, 2015

Hi I have an animation on a layer that is on a line motion path, as i progress through the project buy clicking next the last animation will sometimes just stop mid animation. not everytime but at least 25% of the time. if you go back and next a few times it will happen. is this a bug? i have remade the animation and have remade the layer but it still happens. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tim! I apologize for the delay. The issue never happens for me - I've tried Chrome, FF, and IE. I had two co-workers take a look and it happened once for one and every time for another, so this is hard to pinpoint and I'm not sure if it's OS related perhaps.

I'm going to advise that you work directly with our support team here so that we can dig a little deeper and try to understand what is going on. 

Let me know when you do so because I would love to follow along and understand as well.

tim wheeler

OK Thanks for that, Im glad you were able to replicate it cos its a major part of our development process. I have got round it by using new slides as opposed to using layers but its well klonkie. and i'm not sure how much it will affect the load speed, smoothness and size of the project. I look forward to working with your support team. 

tim wheeler

I made a layer in the original project, inserted the same image and gave it the same animation, then linked the button up to that layer and I have run the layer several times and I can't replicate the error either!

I would say that the case can be closed as it would appear to be a random bug and if no one else has a problem then I would imagine it's just a one off. Thanks for your help though.

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