Move Object 1 Pixel - Used to work...

I need a sanity check, please. Back in SL1, you could hold down the Alt key and nudge objects one pixel at a time with the arrow keys. Maybe I'm just not seeing it but it appears that this type of fine grained control doesn't work in SL2. I get the same movement from the arrow keys with/without the Alt key. Snap to grid is turned off. 

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Russell Still

Thanks, Michael. I have grid settings defaulted to 8 pixels and "Snap to Grid" turned off. When I move an object on screen, I see no difference in the movement (even at 100% or larger) between arrow and CTL-arrow. I do recall visually seeing the smaller movement when I was using SL1. So maybe the plain arrow is already moving 1 pixel in spite of the 8 pixels grid setting.