move on after 3 tries at drag and drop

Jun 05, 2013

Hi,  I have a drag and drop interaction and the learner gets three tries at it.  After attemp 1 and 2 the learner goes back the the puzzle and tries again.  After attempt #3 a feedback msg appears saying "that's enough tries" and the continue button takes the learner to another slide.

I can do the first and second attempt - that's a given.  But, how to I get the D&D interaction to go the the feedback layer that say's "that's enough"?

Cool Becky, are you out there??


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hey Alan,

So, I'm probably not entirely getting it, but could you just change the incorrect message layer message? Because what happens with 3 attempts

  • Learner tries 1st time, is wrong, Try again layer and button appear
  • Learner tries 2nd time, is wrong, Try again layer and button appear
  • Learner tries 3rd time, is wrong, Incorrect layer appears with continue button which brings them to next slide. The default text on the Incorrect layer can be changed to your text and you'd be good to go...or not! ;-)

Let us know.

Sales Framework

Hi Alan, 

When you're editing the drag and drop interaction, at the top of the menu it should have a drop-down for number of tries. Make sure this is set to 3, then it should work as Rebecca described. 

Note, I believe this is only true if you are not having the interaction reset each time the user tries again. If you are resetting the interaction (meaning that the link on the "try again" button jumps back to the slide instead of just closing the layer) you'll want to use conditions on the Try Again layer to control when the Incorrect layer appears. 

This tutorial of Becky's explains it well... just change the condition from a count of 2 to a count of 3.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Alan and April,

April, tx for the Screenr lead and yes, Alan, if you want items to reset (go back to their original positions) you do need to follow that model. But, I think also the variable adjustment needs to change. Instead of setting it to a particular number, I think it needs to be changed to add 1. I've attached the story. Let me know if y'all think so too. If so, I should perhaps add that note to the screenr page.

So the 2 variables on the try again layer would be

Slide Trigger: show layer sorry (that's the incorrect layer) when the timeline starts if try is greater than or equal to 2

Object Trigger: Add 1 to the try variable when the user clicks the try again button

And again, Alan, I think that message just needs to go on the incorrect layer (my sorry layer in this story).

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