Movie chapters in storyline?

Sep 30, 2013

Hi, I need to publish a movie from an interview. The movie was cut in chapters (1:15h). Sthe storyline contains about 50 slides. Can I refer a slide to a chapter of the movie or do I need to cut the movie in 50 pieces and import them in their slides?

What is the best way?

Many thanks!

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Kelly Verhaeghe

Thanks for your replies. Earlier I tried to make an example of a course (mind the quality of the pictures and video, this was just a test )

So I receive a powerpoint from the teachers, then the people who follow the course, can watch the video if they need info from this course or if they missed the course.

But I have a movie of 1:15h and I have about 100 slides.

I wanted to spare the time to export 100 movies. In adobe premiere I can add chapters, but I didn't find in articulate how to refer to a chapter of one movie.

For my new course:

I will try to find an easy way to export these movies in one batch file. Then it should be easy to import the correct movie to the slide they belong to. Is anyone familiar with this kind of stories?

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