Moving a "try-it mode" screen cast

Dec 20, 2013

Hello, I'm pretty new to using Storyline. Everything I've read says that you can't move a try-it mode screen cast. How was the Showcase created on the Storyline website? ( The screen cast is inside an iPad screen. Would I have to take individual screen shots and create hot spots manually in order to do this? Also, what it the method used for this example to get the different screen casts (video or try-it) by clicking the "I need help" button? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Margot and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Sorry that there haven't been any responses to your post just yet. However, I think this is because the example you're referring to was created by ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, Inc. If you take a look at the showcase that lists it, their name is next to the example. 

Without seeing the actual project files, I can't really explain how they set it up. However, you can check out the project on their website, and even reach out to them for some detail on their project. 

Here's the example on their site:

Having said all that, I cannot promise that they'll be able to walk you through this, or share the original file for review. 

I have seen this and it's a pretty nifty example :) I see the iPad screen with the process inside - but I cannot say for sure whether or not that's a step-by-step recording or whether they built this manually. I'm more inclined to think they built it manually.

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