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Hi, a couple of questions.

I created a test slide in my first project.  I now want to create slides for the course proper.  How do I move that initial practice slide somewhere else?  As it is not part of my main course.  Can I move it to a new project?  How do I do that?

Actually, I will be creating separate slides and using them to insert into a Rise course - do I have to create a separate project for each or can I have them all in the same project and just publish the individual slide?  Presumably yes? 

In which case I will need to eliminate the navigation arrows in the player - can that be done?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Tessa!

One project in the books!

If there is a certain slide/practice that will be in many courses, I suggest publishing the slide and importing it whenever you need it. 

You could also create a template! This is helpful when you want the slides to look the same but the content is different. This is how to save a slide as template!

Onto Rise. 

Yes, you can publish individual slides! I'll show you how to do that here.