Moving from a layered slide to a new slide

Mar 14, 2023

Hi there internet people!

So I've just returned to Articulate after a 5 year hiatus and have pretty much forgotten everything...., 

So I've started a new project and on slide 3, I've added 3 layers and now want to move to a new slide rather than another layer (e.g. layer 4), the problem is that I can't get the next button which I've added to the top right hand corner to work.

Not even when I edit the trigger to go to slide 4, I did copy the slide from the previous one and delete the layers, not sure if that's anything to do with it...

All help greatly received as I can't now progress my project as am stuck on this bug and don't want to just add more layer, although I could go that route, but there must be a fix for this...?



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Walt Hamilton

You should know that if you preview your slide, and it attempts to jump to a slide that isn't there, it no longer sends an error message that the slide isn't available. it just sits there and does nothing. You need to preview the whole project, the whole scene, or selected slides that include this slide and the target of the jump.

If that doesn't solve it, you have a problem that can be found only if you attach your .story file here so someone can take a look at it.

Jordan Best

Based on the file you attached, it looks like you don't have a trigger attached to the Next button on your layer "Overview 2". You could either add a trigger to that, or you could simply turn off the "Button 2" layer on the timeline so users click through to the button on your Base Layer.

I would also say you may want to add the arrow in the next button inside the States of your buttons. If a learner overs over the arrow, nothing will happen since it's covering the button underneath. If the arrow is nested inside, it will all be treated as one object for users to click on.