Adding layers to layers in Storyline - exporting to Word

Aug 29, 2017


I am working on editing a project that someone else made a couple of years ago and am struggling to figure out some of the programming and features that went into the original project. For example, they often have a base layer with 1-3 layers triggered by buttons on the base layer. For some slides, there are additional layers on top of layers - layers 4 and 5 are triggered by buttons on layer 3, but layers 4-5 are not accessible from the base layer. Layers 4-5 have the properties of showing other layers, so that layer 3 isn't hidden when layers 4-5 are clicked.

This all works fine in the program, but when I export the file to Word, layers 4 and 5 are shown as layers on top of the base layer, rather than layer 3. Is there a way to change the properties of those layers so that the Word document looks like base layer + 3 + 4 rather than base layer + 3, base layer + 4, etc.? Is there another way for me to program those slides, other than making a new slide with layer 3 as the new base layer? Thanks for the help!

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Susi B

Hi Kim,

I know that kind of older project slides too. I guess the additional slides show text or pictures? Maybe you could copy them on slide 3 and just hide them until the user clicks the already used button and change their state to normal instead of showing a new layer. I don´t know how many times this happenes in your project, but would be th easiest way, because you can´t change the shown base layer of the word output.



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