Moving the 'correct' and 'incorrect' pop ups on quiz templates

Hi, I had created an elearning training piece with quiz for staff and used the defaults for 'correct' and 'incorrect' and then gave the users the option of redoing the test to better their score, or just view the correct answers at the end of the quiz. Based on the feedback I got, I am just rephrazing the 'incorrect' pop up to what the correct answer 'should have been'. The feedback I'm getting now is that the pop up box covers the slide. I can't see any way to move that over to the left, so that it covers the menu box rather than the content of the slide.  Any thoughts?

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Deb Roberts

thanx Michael. I didn't realize that's what Feedback Masters were. And yes, I did mean the greyish boxes that are used for the feedback to a question.

I looked at the information you suggested, and learned a lot about Feedback Masters!!!!, so thank you!, and while I can move the text around, I cannot see how to move the actual greyish box. When I moved the text without being able to move the box, that's how it showed up on my slides, as two entities - a box, and then text to the side. Am I still missing the obvious about Feedback Masters?