moving the video window when it's an interactive software simulation

Dec 16, 2021

Greetings, all. 

I recorded a screencast for a course I'm working on about a piece of software. Dropped it into Storyline 360 as a step-by-step interactive simulation, and things are working well. But I would like to move the video window out of the center of the screen. I can do that with all other videos, including screencast simulations that appear on a single slide. Why can't I do it with the step-by-steps? Is there a workaround? 


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Lerissa!

When you initially start the recording, you can choose what section or area of your screen to capture as detailed here. 

Once you insert it as a step-by-step recording, the captured images become a part of your slide background, and the sizing cannot be changed. This ensures that the screen images are consistent across slides and that the screen recording mouse movements also stay where they were designed. 

I hope that helps clarify, and let us know if you need anything else!

Jaime Dougherty

Hi Lerissa!  I'm a little late to the thread, but I have found a workaround that may help, if it's not too late. Lauren is correct that the position cannot be adjusted for simulations. However, if you record your simulation in 4:3 aspect ratio, make all your production edits/hot spot adjustments, and then change the slide size to 16:9 you can gain an extra 200 px on either side of the slide. There are couple things to be aware of though, though:

  • Make sure you don't scale objects to fit the screen when you change the slide size. This will defeat the purpose of having space... and undo all your edits/adjustments.
  • You have to pick a side by placing the recording on r/l and that's what you get for the whole scene/simulation.

It's not the same as placing it anywhere like other media, but can lend some wiggle room for notes without covering the application your simulating.