MP3/WAV Caption Generator

Apr 30, 2021

I have seen many posts about creating captions that are automatically synced with video files.  (Imported as SRT/VVT/SBV/SUB).  I'm looking to see if there is a program that will create similar synced captions for audio files - preferably a free program :)

We already have a transcript written out but are looking for a faster way than the caption editor in Articulate.

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Anonymous M

Hi Barbara,

I'd like to help. I have attached a link on create and edit closed caption in Storyline 360. I believe using this feature is very user friendly and easy. However, if you are still considering importing a file, I have also attached the directions on how to do so below. I also included various links that might help you with closed captions. I am not connected in any of the platforms but I hope this can help.

Creating and Editing Closed Captions:

Importing Closed Captions for Narration and Videos:

Free Online Closed Captioning Platforms and Subtitle Editors: