MP4 video cuts out in preview and published version

Aug 05, 2020


The videos in two of my storyline 3 slides aren't playing all the way through. It's a large file with 10 screen recorded videos that I've exported, edited and imported again(1+min each). There are 30 slides in the storyline file. The previous slides play just fine, but not the last two. Audio is recorded separate and keeps playing as normal. I've tried:

  • previewing it multiple ways
  • publishing it
  • importing them to another new storyline file
  • file names are short and have no symbols
  • files are stored in my local C: drive and play just fine on their own

Any suggestions or help would be great, thanks!

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Trish John

Hi there, I am having an issue which sounds like yours... I have quite large video files, only adding one file per storyline course... it appears to add just fine (its 25mins long), but when I preview and publish to Review, the course reduces to only 4 mins and chops the rest off... when you say /play until end' - where did you do this and how do I find this?  I am also having the same issue in Rise. Again very large video files, only 1 in each. I just can't figure it! Thanks in advance. Anna


Trish John

Hi there, thanks so much to Sheila for helping me out. I went to the source of the videos, and that person rectified the issue, so it looks like it was a set of corrupted video files, rather than something that was happening at upload stage.

Appreciate your time on this 😊

Thank you

Anna McHale
Digital Learning Designer
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