mp4 video overlay

A full-slide mp4 video in a layer.  Objects on that layer can overlay the video.

I have another layer above which overlays other layers, but not the layer with the mp4 video.  

This isn't a property problem.  If I disable the mp4, the layer above shows up fine.

It doesn't seem intuitive that objects within the layer can overlay the video but objects in a higher layer do not show.

Is this the intent or operator error?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sam! It sounds like you're having trouble displaying layers on top of other layers that contain MP4 videos, is that correct?

I put together a sample file that I think captures what you're looking to do. Can you have a look at this file and let me know if that's what you had in mind? 

Sam Carter

I'd swear I had a layer in the slide master that covered layers on the slide.  Maybe I don't remember correctly.

I've uploaded a revised sample with a slide master layer.  It seems to be displayed under the slide layers.

Is there a way to make the slide master layer on top?