Multi Language Course

Nov 30, 2022


I have a client who wants a course in 3 languages. They do not want to manage 3 courses, so I have to put it in one course with multiple scenes. One of my concerns besides the file size is the built-in course menu. They want the default menu. With 3 languages is there a way to filter and show the current language only in the menu?? 

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Judy Nollet

Articulate has this article about multi-language courses: 

However, as the article states, you can only choose 1 language for Player-level text.

  • Player-level text includes the built-in Menu. If you want menus in different languages, you'd have to build custom ones. 
  • It also includes Text Labels, such as the system messages that appear when resuming a course or if the user clicks the Submit button before selecting an answer. The only possible workaround for that would be to edit the Text Labels to include all 3 languages for each item someone might encounter. But I'm not sure if that would really work, because there might be some limits to how long certain messages can be.