Multi-language exam

Feb 13, 2015

Hello! I've got an interesting challenge that I can't seem to figure out a solution for and wondered if there were any programming hotshots that could offer some suggestions.

I need to build a certification exam that can be taken in one of five different languages. I built a storyline project where the exam taker is ask what language they would like to go with. After clicking a button to choose the languge, the project jumps to one of five different scenes, depending on the button pressed. Each scene has the same questions, but they are in a different languages.

Here's where the trouble comes in. At the end, I need some way to show the score and then upload it to our LMS. I cannot use separate results slide for each scene, because storyline requires that only of them be accessed. I tried using text entry survey slides to pass variables to a "final" results slide, but I think the results slides send far more than just percentage or X out of X right.

Is there a way to send all the necessary data to the LMS manually using triggers? Or am I going about this whole thing the wrong way? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks -Rob

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Emily Ruby

Hello Robert,

You may be able to add a results slide to each language scene, then have a final results slide at the end that will combine the results of the other results slide, and use this to pass to the LMS. You will need to update the passing score on this slide to account for the 4 results slide not having a score, but it could be an option.


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