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Oct 04, 2013


I am about to begin a project in Storyline where the customer wants a language selector as front page (choose between 11 languages), course content (9500 words/35 slides/2 x 1 minute video) per language. 

Question: How do I best handle/structure a Storyline production containing a language selector and 11 languages in one project?

The master language (UK) will contain about 9500 words on approx. 35 slides. A few videos as well. No speak, no animation.

My normal procedure (in web/flash based projects) would be to make one file (the language launcher), which then will launch the project in the selected language (which is contained in a couple of course files each). Wrap all together in a SCORM 1.2 package and upload to LMS.

But I do not think this is possible i Storyline?

Or is it?

The full course should of course be delivered to an LMS (SuccessFactor LMS).

Any help/advise will be appreciated.



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Michael Hinze

I would explore these two options:

1. Have ONE file with the language selector page and one scene with 35 slides per language. Having a Storyline project with approx. 400 slides seems 'bulky', but I have worked with larger files and a lot more videos.

2. Have the launcher page and each language version in separate files and combine them with an SCO packager like RELOAD into one SCORM package.

Niels Peter Johansson

Hi Owen,

Owen Holt said:

Do you neeed to have it treated like a single course? If so, I did a screenr about this a while ago.

Owen Holt said:

You might also check out this thread:

First of all: Thank you for sharing both your screenr and the thread.

Both are very interesting when you are about to plan a new project.

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