Multi Path quiz tracking

Hi! I am facing a tracking issue with my project. First, I will explain the project.

In the introduction, you have to select if you want the quiz to be easy or medium.
The next screen is the principal menu where you can click on 5 icons that each leads to a serie of question.

If you selected easy:
icon 1 leads to question pool 1
icon 2 leads to question pool 2
icon 5 leads to question pool 5

If you selected medium:
icon 1 leads to question pool 6
icon 5 leads to question pool 10

After each question pool, there is a result slide that shows the result of this question pool. 

When you got through all 5 question pool, a NEXT button pop up from the menu, which leads to the final result slide that cumulates the scores of each 5 result slide to a final score.

The thing is that I had to do 2 final result slides ; one for the easy path, and the other for the medium path. So, when you click on the NEXT button from the menu, it leads you to:
the easy final result slide if the difficulty is set to easy (tracking question pool 1 to 5's result)
the medium final result if difficulty is set to medium (tracking question pool 6 to 10's result). 

The problem is that we can only track one Result slide. 
What can I do to have the LMS (Articulate Online) to show the final score AND the "passed or failed" result? 
I know the solution would be to, maybe, add another Result slide that would track my 2 final result slide. But I don't want this final result slide to track both of those 2 final result slide, since we only go through one OR the other; not both. If I do this, the final result would show 50% if the learner has 100% in his chosen path. I want the LMS to show:  "100% - Passed " if a learner has 100% in his path.

I hope I am clear enough.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jean-Mathieu,

Thanks for that detailed description - very clear!

Within Storyline, it's set up to only pass one result/score/completion piece to an LMS (including Articulate Online). You may want to investigate the few ideas and workarounds here in case those will help you, and I hope other folks in the community are able to chime in here.