Multi-select answer options reported in wrong order

Hi there,

I have a course with a mix of single-select and multi-select questions. We're trying to capture answer-level reporting to assess our users. I have answer shuffling turned off. If answer options are set in Storyline are A B C D, in that order, they appear as C B A D in tincan.xml, so our reporting is being thrown off. Aside from manually updating tincan.xml to reflect the correct order, is there something else I can do to cement the answer option order? What am I missing?

Thank you!

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Sam Hill

Hi Lindsey, I see the same problem as you. It looks to me like the report needs to map the unique IDs associated with each response rather than rely on the order that the responses appear in.

Therefore, when a users response is "choice_61EvxPj6QpD[,]choice_5mnfmaa8JSe", this would then map to the following in tincan.xml file.

<description lang="und">Frog</description>
<description lang="und">Newt</description>