Multi-Variable Variables

Feb 05, 2015

I am trying to a dynamic interaction that will eventually use mutliple sliders.

What I want to create is that once Sliders A, B, and C reach set ranges then a final set action will happen.

I have tried two ways of accomplishing this: "Slider Moves" and "Variables," which will set one or more variables to "True" from "False" once the sliders reach the set ranges. To this point can I have been successful in making these slider moves and variables work and resulting in what I want, but with on major problem: you have to do them in a set precise order.

So the question: How do I accomplish my desired final task, but remove the set ordering of it all? I do not want to discourage students who might have the settings on each slider correct, but are not being given the correct feedback because they didn't perform in a perfect set order. I want a dynamic failure/success instant reaction modle.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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Alan Scherry

Thanks for the help Wendy.

Unfortunately your file has the same issues as mine. The layer showing is conditional on completing the steps in the exact correct order. I am trying to make it more dynamic where ordering is not a condition of a variable and therefore a layer showing.

The eventual goal is to have multiple steps/ranges on three or more sliders and as any slider moves, it will show a new layer. Eg. If I change the value of slider one by one step then this happens. Changing it another leads to a different result. While at the same time I can then change another slider resulting in a completely different series of possible resolutions.

But as I said, mine and yours have the same issues. If you do not move the right slider last then the variable never changes.

So Emily, any additional help would be appreciated.

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