Multiple Actions on Next Button

May 12, 2017

I have a slide with several click and read objects. These all need to be viewed before the learner moves forward. Not a problem. I have the action on the Next button checking that a slide complete variable is set to True before advancing to the next slide.

However, I want to show a layer with a message "please read all before continuing..." when the complete variable is set to False.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to do that? There is no "else" in the IF/Then and I can't seem to create two triggers for the Next button. I'm stuck.

Suggestions appreciated!

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Walt Hamilton

Trigger #1 Show layer "Read all" (I generally set this sort of layer with a reasonable timeline, then have it close when the timeline ends.) if completeVariable = False

Trigger #2 Jump to next slide if completeVariable = True

Since there is no ELSE, you have to execute all the triggers with each click, which means you can't write your logic with a default value. Each trigger has to have a complete set of conditions, which in this case is pretty limited.

Scott Lohner

I came up with a way to do this without relying on a time.  It uses two variables.  A completeVar and a clickCount variable.

clickCount variables starts at 1

completeVar starts at False


Show Layer 1 when the user clicks next

Add 1 to clickCount when user clicks next

Show Layer 2 when the user clicks next if clickCount is 1

Set completeVar = True when the user clicks next ifclickCount = 2

Jump to Next slide when user clicks next if clickCount = 3 and completeVar = True

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