Multiple branching and varied feedback from a standard question slide.

Mar 06, 2015

Hi eLearning heroes

I am just starting with the Storyline 2 and I am trying to do the following with a standard question slide.
I realize it is probably possible to do this by scripting a basic slide but wanted to know if I can get this level of functionality (multiple branching and varied feedback) out of standard question slides.

Q1 - Answer 1 = correct answer, gain 5 points, see success feedback, go to Question 2

        Answer 2 = incorrect answer (but nearly correct) gain 2 points see specific failure caption go to Question 2, 

        Answer 3 = (totally) incorrect answer - get zero points, see a different failure caption and jump to the Results slide having failed the quiz.

Many thanks for any help

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Emily Ruby

Hello Mark,

The Multiple Choice question type gives you the option to score by Choice to allow partial scoring. You can assign 5,2,0 points to each answer, then have a feedback appear, and then you can branch them to either a next slide, or a results slide from the feedback layer.

 See attached for a reference.

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