Multiple choice questions

May 11, 2022


how to disable going to the next slide automatically after the last Incorrect feedback pops up from a knowledge check or multiple choice question. 
I would like to insert a button instead to navigate to the next slide.
Is this possible?

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Judy Nollet

The default behavior for standard questions is that the Correct and Incorrect layers have a Continue button that does 2 things: 

  • Hide the layer (so the feedback doesn't show when the user returns to the question)
  • Jump to the next slide

In other words, the program shouldn't jump to the next slide automatically. If it's doing that, check for a trigger that jumps when the timeline ends. If you find one, delete it. 

It's also possible that the Slide Layer Properties are set to advance automatically. But that seems unlikely in this case, since the slide would probably advance before you finished answering the question. (Well, unless the base timeline is really long.) If so, set the properties to advance "By user." 

If none of that solves the problem, I suggest you upload a Storyline file for troubleshooting.