Multiple Conditional Continue not working

Jul 29, 2013

I have a Storyline scene with 6 post it notes that are links to separate training tasks.  I do not want the user to be able to click on the marker (on the post it note page) to move to the next scene until all post it notes are completed.  I am repairing another designer's work who is no long with the company and can not get the marker to work when all post it notes are complete.  Usually, I've used the condition that timeline is complete, but as there are layers inside each post it link, we've used the condition that the user has clicked each post it to be able to activate the marker link to the next scene.  All variables are set up and I've reviewed and they look good to me.  All are set to default to false.  Then we've made each post it group turn gray which clicked (which is working), then each unique variable (we used a different one for each post it) to turn "true" when the same group is clicked.  Then when all have been clicked (which can be confirmed because they are now gray, the marker conditions should allow the user to click to the next scene but it does not work.  I've tried everything I can think of to troubleshoot.  Any ideas?

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Mike Enders

Hi Debbie and Welcome to the Community!

It's hard to tell without seeing the set up.  It could be that there's an "or" instead of an "and" in the conditions, or a jump trigger firing before an adjust variable trigger.  

Would you be able to post a few screen shots of your triggers (both the trigger panel itself, and internal view of the conditions trigger?).

One other thought...

Given that all the action is taking place on that one slide, you likely don't need variables.  You could simply set up the marker trigger to evaluate the visited state of each post-it note.   You might try this route to simplify the design and see if the conditions work.

Ultimately, if you could send us the file, we could get you set up pretty quickly!   Just let us know which route works best for you!

And again...welcome to the community!  It's great to have you here.


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