Multiple Correct Areas in Test Mode?

Moving my question at Nicole's suggestion from the comments on a tutorial on screen recordings.

Question on the "Test" mode -- is there a way to set multiple correct hotspots? I recorded a screen where there are duplicate buttons at the top and bottom and would like it to be correct if users clicked either one. So far I have tried copying the "correct" hotspot and pasting it, but it pastes as "incorrect" and I don't see an easy way to change it.

Another commenter suggested using variables but it does not seem to me that there is a variable involved in the Hotspot interaction. 

The only workaround I can think of is to use a trigger on the duplicate button to suggest that they use the duplicate button at the top of the screen. Am I missing something? I looked through the Question Tools and checked states on both Hotspots.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennifer,

There isn't an option to have more than on correct hotspot by default. I've seen some folks monkey around with the hotspots to create it as such - but it's not built in. You could look at recreating the slide with a pick many freeform using transparent shapes instead of hotspots.