Multiple Exam attempts in a Course

Aug 29, 2018

We have built a number of courses in Storyline 360 with a required exam at the end. The exam is built as a Question Bank that has a random draw of 25 questions out of around 40.  Each course is built allow the user to attempt the exam 2 or 3 times (depending on the amount of content in a course.) Upon publishing for the LMS we are discovering that the course resumes fine if the user leaves the course without beginning the exam.  If they begin an exam without completing the exam, it will resume the exam in progress. If the user fails the exam one time but closes the course without hitting retry exam the failure will record in the LMS and force the user to take the course over.  It will not resume at the second exam attempt.  Can anyone suggest some logic that I can use to force the course to resume and allow the second attempt before sending the result to the LMS but also send a Pass on the first attempt if they actually pass it. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Erin!

Happy to help you get to the bottom of this. First, can you tell me a little more about this course?

  • Did you use the most updated version of Storyline to publish this course? The most current version is Storyline 360 version 3.19.16600.0.
  • If you fail the quiz and exit on the results slide, what slide appears when you reopen the course? Does the course resume on the first slide?
  • What SCORM publishing settings did you use?
Erin Janes

Hi Alyssa,

We use Storyline 360 and all of my apps are up to date.  We actually have come up with a solution after some additional brainstorming and testing amongst our team. I'll outline the issue and solution below in case it helps anyone else.

In SCORM 1.2 with a Pass/Incomplete publish, if you exited on the results slide, it resumed the course mid exam as if you didn't fail it, giving you a chance to retake a portion of the first exam attempt again.  If you closed the course after the second fail, it didn't record any attempts on the learning history in Success Factors.

In SCORM 1.2 published Pass/Fail, if you closed the course after one fail attempt, it marked failed on the learning history and forced you to take the full content again.    

Our solution was to set all exam questions to resume initial state upon revisit.  We then added a pass variable and used it in conjunction with the attempts variable we had already used. We added a condition to the Submit results trigger that said to submit results if "Pass" = true OR if "Attempts" greater than or = 1 (or max attempts). We set the default on the "Pass" variable to false and had it triggered to true on the Pass layer of the results slide when the timeline began.  We already had the attempts variable set to trigger the failure slide and to disable the retry button after max attempts were used. It now works as intended when published Pass/Fail, which was what we wanted to show in the LMS. The additional conditions placed on the Submit Results trigger helped control when the result was submitted to the LMS.

I've attached some screenshots of the triggers.

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