Multiple feedback for multiple choice questions

Jan 12, 2015


I am looking to add multiple incorrect responses to a multiple choice quiz. I don't just want to tell the student that their answer is incorrect, I want to tell them why, and tailor each answer accordingly. Is this possible in Storyline 2?

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Jason Levy

I wanted to follow up and say that it worked perfectly, thank you.

One other video question: I have a :30 video, and I would like the students to have to watch the video before progressing. I removed the 'NEXT' button, and added a custom button that pops up at the end of the video that will allow the student to progress, appearing :29 into the timeline. However, if a student pauses the movie, the button will still appear after :29. Is there a way to pause the timeline as well, or a way to make the button appear only when the video is finished playing?

Jason Levy

New question:

I am having issues with image compression. I have tweaked the output settings so that the image quality is 100%, but the final product is still pixelated. Is there a setting that I am missing? I have created the images in photoshop, and then imported them in Storyline. Any ideas? Thanks!