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Hi Community!

I have read a few discussions/threads on having multiple languages in a course, but like most projects they all seem to be unique. 

For this the project I am currently working on, we want to have the learner select their language (8-10 eventually) and begin the course. Is there any way to show the player in that specific language, including the menu for only that language? 

In order to prevent LMS issues with having multiple course codes and/or accidental selection and wrong registration to a language, our client has asked to keep the training in one file if possible. 


Thank you in advance!

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Jerry Beaucaire

My tip would be to turn off the player controls, prev/next buttons, all of it.  Take complete control of the on-screen real estate, use a custom-size slide and then use strips of space on the top and bottom to put in the controls you want in the language "state" the user has selected.   

Show and hide your own PREV/NEXT buttons, your own MENU (if that's really even needed), RESOURCE LINKS, all of it.

This way you can control all of your elements the same way, with states.

Felix Franke

Hi Kaitlin,

Looking at exactly that as well, but so far the best solution we came up with is to create a slide with the language selection and have the course in several "strands" from there.

Problem: - This bloats the course enormously!
- menu and slide titles and so on are shown for all languages, as Jerry addressed above. Very confusing for the learners.

Idea I have: I could imagine doing this with variables, but my courses are too big for that. Absolute nightmare. Every single text field would have its own variable. (which it kind of gets when you export for translation. A programmer should be able to work with that and create something with that, like an excel sheet from which the correct language is pulled and set into place. Like a serial letter in word that uses adresses from an excel sheet. 

@Jerry: Navigation on the slide is a very good idea, we have that anyway

Think I will go to the feature request page and file a request. I can imagine this being a great feature for many people: Choose your language at the start (set a variable) and all test fields in the course are set to that language.

Felix Franke

Layers, not a bad idea. Need to see how feasible that is with my courses (quite a few slides each and I use layers for interactivity and animations. Afraid it's going to be very messy adding 5-8 language layers.) Could work for simpler courses.
Would certainly help with the file size. Still messy with changes / error finding. Thanks for the idea Owen!

Still, I think a feature for multiple languages in Storyline courses would find quite some support among corporate users. I deal with people from over 30 countries in our corporate LMS, if I could cover the 8 most important languages in an easy way it would be great.

If it was only available in 360 it would give me some leverage to get an upgrade :-)


I'm no programmer, I don't even play one on TV, but I would think this wouldn't be too difficult of a feature to implement. I mean, they already identify all of the text elements as part of their translation process.  I would think it would be a matter of having the course designer import multiple translation documents but instead of importing them as part of a new course (new language version) creating instead a variable dependent document reference during the publication process that would execute at run time.
But again, I'm no programmer. 

Felix Franke

"I'm no programmer,..."

Me either, but I see it the same way. I think Storyline is half way there as it is. What I cannot tell (as a non-programmer) is how / if this functionality would work in SCORM, but with other variable-dependent text fields it works as well.
I have filed a feature-request. I cannot imagine I am the first. Let''s see what comes out of it.

Thanks for the support!