Multiple layers display - but only when returning to a slide

Feb 19, 2013

I'm a Storyline newbie, just working with the 30-day free trial. LOVE what I'm able to do in such a short period of time - It's very intuitive and user-friendly. Kudos to your team!

Now here's my dilemma:

Slide 1 has a chart with 5 hotspots, each with  triggers to other slides. Some slides have 1 layer, some have 2 layers.

Clicking on the hotspot to a 2-layer slide works correctly the first time I click, but if I use the "Previous" button and then click again on a the same hotspot, both slide layers display together.

Slide 1: Click hotspot for slide 3. Goes to Slide 3. - Good
Slide 3: Click "Next" button to show the 2nd layer. - Good
Click "Return to Chart" button. - Good

Click hotspot for slide 3 again. This time both slide layers display over top of each other. - Bad!

Hope this explanation makes sense!

Any tips about what I'm doing wrong?

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Mike Enders


I'd have to see the file to know for sure...but on the slides where both layers are showing on top of each other after you sounds like a slide property.

Here's what I'd try...

On the base layer of Slide 3, click the gear icon and in the "when revisiting" drop down, select "reset to initial state" 

Now, when you are previewing and return to slide 3, it should reset to it's initial state with no visible layers.


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