Multiple layers on Quiz based on points earned

Jun 26, 2014


I would like to set up a training where the learner answers multiple questions throughout where no question necessarily has a right or wrong answer but instead earns them certain amount of points A= 1 B= 2 etc.  Which I think I've figured out by editing the response values.

What I really want to know is how on the quiz do I get it to show a different layer for example  if you have achieved 1-5 points Storyline reveals layer 1, if you achieved 6-10 points storyline reveals layer 2, 10-15 points layer 3 and so on.. examples of work for look under the hood would be most preferred...

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard,

I'm not sure the question type you're using - but multiple choice would be the easiest as you can score and give feedback by choice. This is a very simple example, but hopefully it'll help clarify what you're looking to do further. If you also want to adjust the Results slide - you can set up conditions on the triggers for each result slide layer based on what the user scored - but figured I'd start with the easy example. 

Richard S

Hey Ashley,

Thanks for the response... I like how this reveals the different layers but lets say I had 5 slides with different questions.  They get 1 point on slide 1, 4 points slide 2 etc... how do I get it to reveal different layers on the results slide based on the points like you did for the one slide.  I want it to combine the points earned on all of the quiz slides and reveal only the layer appropriate to the amount of points they recieve.  Total points 1-5= layer 1 on result slide, total points 6-10 = layer 2 on result slide...

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

HI Richard,

I created a tutorial a while back that shows how to reveal different layers on a results slide based on responses to questions on several slides.

That link will bring you to the tutorial, and it includes a link to a thread with a sample of the story I demoed as well as a link to another tutorial by former staff member Jeanette Brooks.

I think this may be what you're looking for.

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