Multiple Modules and AICC Tracking

Sep 05, 2012

Developing a 9-Module course, each with various quiz completion requirements. Each quiz must be tracked for progress and overall course completion. We use an AICC LMS. Should the modules be separate Storyline files, each reporting completion to the LMS or can the modules be consolidated into one course with each quiz tracked separately? Searches on this topic lead to discussions of  various 'unsupported workarounds' but none deal specifically with AICC reporting. Any comments or feedback appreciated.

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Gerry Wasiluk


Yes, the individual modules can be consolidated into one course. 

We did that all the time for AICC at 3M in our old Saba LMS with Articulate Presenter courses and had to manually edit one set of the AICC .AU, .CRS, DES, and .CST files in the published output.

Not that hard to do--you just have to be exact.  I never found a utility to that for AICC (whereas SCORM has a couple, including one I use--Simple SCORM Packager).

Let me see if I can dig up a copy of the doc I did for folks to use to do that.  Haven't tried it for Storyline but it should work the same.

Be back soon . . .

Gerry Wasiluk

Okay, here's the document.  Note that it was written specifically for our previous version of Saba (which we branded as GLN or the Global Learning Network).  Adjust accordingly for your LMS.

Hope it helps. 

As to whether to do this or not for a course came down to a few things for us--it's usually more convenient for the learner to just register for one course.  This has to be balanced with possible learner confusion (using a course menu of modules--though we were able to mitigate that) and possible technical issues (all modules had to complete successfully for the course to complete) and possible reporting needs (do you want a report on just one "big" course or need the granularity with multiple separate courses).

Jeff Nauman

Thanks very much for that info, Gerry! I will most certainly be able to use that with our old WBT Manager LMS. I'm going to stick with the separate lessons in the certificate program-type course this time, but will definitely look at the integral-module concept for other projects in the near future. Wondering how AO handles something like that?

Gerry Wasiluk

NP!   Good luck with it.

I don't believe AO handles multi-modules in AICC or SCORM.  In general, only a few folks have asked for this capability in a Articulate tool.

When the beta for Storyline began, I asked about having native mutli-AU or multi-SCO capability built into Storyline.  Articulate said only one person had asked for that (for the Suite) with a formal feature request (as of a year ago when the beta for Storyline began)--just me.

A lot more folks are going to have to ask for this with a formal feature request for Articulate to probably consider adding it, I believe.  It's needed IMVHO!

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