Multiple .mp4 files in published output

Mar 01, 2016

I have a SL course with a single .mp4 file. After publishing the course, the "story_content" folder contains 8 .mp4 files. All of them of the same video. I deselected mobile and HTML 5 publishing options thinking that this may be related. Still get 8 files. 

Is this normal? 


SL2, IE 11, Win7

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Greg Hagar

Thanks for providing some context to this Leslie.

I just noticed this occurring on a file we recently published. I simply deleted the extra vids from the content folder and all seems well so far.

Is there anyway to know which of the video files are actually being referenced in the published SL file? Does it matter which I delete?  Was I just lucky in choosing the right vids to delete on the first try? 



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