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Feb 23, 2015

Hi all,

I have a short question concerning the use of question banks and result slide.

For the assessment of my project, I would like that there are 2 ways to enter to the evaluation. I have:

- a common knowledge that should be available for all trainees.

- some specific knowledge that should be linked to the 2 different profile of my trainees...

Here is what I have done for the moment:

- I created 3 Question Banks, QB 1 for profile 1 (1 question), QB2 for profile 2 (2 questions), QB3 common for both profiles. (1 question)

From my menu, I used some radio buttons which allows me to go to QB1 or to QB2.

After finsihing the specific part, I go to the common part, and finally my result slide.

For example, If I select QB2 on my menu, I will make QB2 and QB3, I will see 2 + 1 = 3 questions.

If I answer correctly to these 3 questions (the only 3 questions I see), my score will be 75%...because it is based on all question banks?

I would like that, on that case, as I see 3 questions and I correctly answer, I have 100%

Is it possible? I have to keep one unique result slide...


Thanks for your help








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Simon Blair

Hi Jacob,

It sounds like you've 2 issues here

  1. showing results of multiple question banks on a single page
  2. calculating the score based on the number of questions asked (instead of the total number of questions)

1: For a recent ELH challenge, I created a file that has 2 questions banks, but reports the results on a single screen. You can see the published version here and (of more interest) the source file here (it's football.story). The trick is that you need to create the separate results pages first (but you don't need to show them). Using a similar approach will let you consolidate multiple question banks onto a single results page. 

2: What I'd suggest here is to use custom variables instead of the built-in ones. Create your own "FinalPoints" and "MaxPoints" variables. If the user selects QB1, set "MaxPoints" to 2, if they select QB2, set it to 3. On the results page, add the values of Results.ScorePoints variable to "FinalPoints" (giving you their total) score. If you need a percentage, you can divide "FinalPoints" by "MaxPoints" to get it.


Jacob Olivier

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your input

My issue is slightly different

I do not want to get the results of each question bank individually, I want to get one common result which could come from different QB...

For the moment, my questions are still in different scenes. I will import them into different QB. Maybe , I need to configurate my different QD on another way?

I will already tried what you told in your 2nd point




Simon Blair

Hi Olivier,

I can't open your file, I'm running Storyline 1.

I put together a sample to illustrate what I was describing. I made a few changes to make it simpler than what I initially described.

What we have;

  1. Prompt the user for their profile, store it in a variable
  2. Ask the general knowledge questions
  3. Blank slide that advances immediately to either profile 1 questions or profile 2 questions, based on the stored variable from step 1
  4. blank slide after the profile 1 and profile 2 draws that immediately advances to the associated results slide
  5. 2 results slides (one for general plus profile 1, the other for general plus profile 2)

Hope that helps,

Jacob Olivier

Hi Simon,


Thanks a lot for your file, this is really useful for me.

While having a look to your file, I have one thing I do not understand:

  • When I choose profile 1, when I arrive on result page, my passingscore is 3.2 points/80%, meaning 100%=4 points = 4 questions have been taken in account
  • When I choose profile 2, on result page, it seems only 2 questions have been taken in account. Is it logical?

Moreover, concerning my LMS, I need to get a specific variable used. On you file, you have 2 different variables afor each result slide. Do you know how I can manage to get result of profile 1 or profile2 coming into my specific result variable?


Thansk a lot


Simon Blair

Hi Olivier,

I'm not sure what's going on there. I just retested the file and it works fine for me. I tried both profiles and answered both general questions incorrectly and both profile questions correctly. In each case, the results page said I scored 50% and needed 80% to pass.

You can see which slide draws each results slide includes by going to the results slide and clicking on "Edit Results Slide".

For your LMS, I'd recommend adding a new variable ("FinalScore", for example). On each of the results slides, add a trigger to set FinalScore to the same value as the built-in variable (i.e. "Results.ScorePercent" on Profile 1's results, "Results1.ScorePercent" on Profile 2's results).

After that, you just need to send whatever is stored in FinalScore to the LMS. Something like this should work:

PS: Please note that your screen may look a little different since I believe you're running Storyline 2 and I'm running Storyline 1.


Calvin Lo

Hi Simon,

I also ran into a similar situation. I have three question banks but user can only take 1. however, the results slide reads from all three banks so there's no way to get a 100% score.

now you mention on having a variable that will manipulate the built-in variables in the results slide to get the proper score. how do i let the LMS know to use that as the score? 


Simon Blair

Just to clarify, I'm not manipulating the built-in variable, I'm using another custom variable to track the "real" score. In the example above, it's FinalScore.

We use a similar approach with custom variables to round scores to the nearest percent before sending them to our LMS. In order to send the score, we added a trigger to execute this Javascript:



It looks like that's a custom function we added to our functions file (AICCFunctions.js, SCORMFunctions.js, or SCORM2004Functions.js, in the "lms" folder). I'm not sure if I can share the content of it outside our company (confidentiality rules are strict), but our version of that function calls the standard *_SetScore, *_SetPassed, and *_SetFailed functions (where * is AICC, SCORM, or SCORM2004) using the FinalScore variable.

I hope that helps,

Simon Blair

Maybe you can do this outside Storyline. How do you decide which question bank the user takes?

Perhaps you could publish each question bank as a separate package and then (in the LMS) set it up to accept the grade from any one of them as the course grade. I haven't tried that in our LMS, but the settings are there to allow for it.

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