Multiple questions on the same quiz slide

Aug 09, 2012


Is it possible to have more than one question on each slide? For example, 5 multiple choice questions or a text with several missing (type-in) words? If so, could you please point me to some tutorials on this? 

I'm sorry if this has been answered somewhere before. I am total novice here.

I've attached some picts here to show what I actually mean.

Thank you in advance.

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Peter Anderson
Wendy Farmer

Hi John

do you want to upload your story file - easier for someone to help if they can see your setup.

The most common cause of this type of interaction not working is:

  1. Triggers not in the correct order
  2. The Yes (correct) trigger to have the AND condition for all 3 responses
  3. The No (incorrect) trigger to have the OR condition


John Fitchett

Thank you both for your replies I managed to solve the problem.

In the video the final trigger created involved changing the state of 'yes' or 'no' to 'selected' when the user clicks submit. This just would not work for me, so what I did to fix it was to first change the default state of 'no' to 'selected' and then set the trigger for 'yes' to be:

Change state of 'yes' to selected when state of 'question 1' is 'the correct answer' ON CONDITION 'question 2' state is 'the correct answer' AND 'question 3' state is 'the correct answer'.

This then worked perfectly.

Jan Patterson

This was a great tutorial and everything worked like a charm for most of my slides.

However, I need to add another element to a few of my slides whereby I have 3 (instead of 2) drop down selections. Drop down 1 & 2 have the same list of options. The learner has to select an option from each but it doesn't matter which one is selected in each drop down.

They have to select "Income Tax Specialist" and "Sales Tax Specialist". But it doesn't matter which drop down they select it from as long as they are both selected. So how do I set up my variables to allow for the 2 options to be selected from either drop down and then have the correct option selected from drop down 3?

I've attached a copy of the slide.


Jan Patterson

Sure Wendy! Here is it....

In this example the answer is Tax Specialist and Sales Tax Specialist plus "Yes" for "Someone other than the preparer". The learner should be able to select the titles (from either of the reviewer drop downs.

At the moment the triggers are set up for just one reviewer to be selected plus the Yes/No selection.

Thanks for your help!

Jan Patterson

Hi Wendy,

Yes, I only have one trigger set up for Income Tax Specialist and not Sales Tax Specialist because I'm not sure how to do it. I'm guessing for the first trigger I can set it up in the variables so that Position = Income Tax Specialist AND Position 2 = Sales Tax Specialist AND Other than preparer = Yes.

That works if they choose Income Tax Specialist for Position 1 and Sales Tax Specialist for Position 2. However, the learner should also be able to select it the other way around - Position 1 = Sales Tax Specialist and Position 2 = Income Tax Specialist. Do I create a second trigger, similar to the first one and what do I have to do so that Storyline will accept either of those as correct?

I hope this makes sense?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jan

I had a little trouble following your slide so I created one with similar dropdown selectors.

In my example I can:

  • select Sales Specialist / Tax Specialist / Yes and correct layer shows
  • select Tax Specialist / Sales Specialist / Yes and correct layer shows

I have made the incorrect layer show when the 'correct' offstage button is not selected.

Hope that makes sense.


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