Multiple Response - 3 possible answers to 6 questions

I have a question where the learner has to match responsibilities to the corresponding type of staff member.

There are only 3 types of staff member and 6 responsibilities: so there are 2 responsibilities per staff member.

The problem I've had is that the identical responses (2 per staff member) come up twice in the drop down menu, so you can't tell which is the correct one, even though they're actually the same.

I've attached the slide as I'm not sure my description is clear!

Ideally I'd like only 3 options in the drop down menu, each with 2 corresponding matches.

Any ideas??

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Wanda Blackett

That's a good question. I'm not sure if you can get the result you want using a Matching Drop-Down question. But perhaps you could get something closer to what you want by using a Drag and Drop question? For the Drag and Drop questions you can have the same correct answer be applied for multiple items. Might have to get a bit creative on how you present the question in order to have all the text on one slide.

For example:

Drag item 1 -- drop item 1

Drag item 2 -- drop item 2

Drag item 3 -- drop item 1

Drag item 4 -- drop item 2

Drag item 5 -- drop item 3

Drag item 6 -- drop item 4

Or another suggestion would be to have a freeform quiz slide using the pick many option. Have a set of 3 checkboxes for each question - and have those 3 checkboxes in columns so that column 1 is for option 1, column 2 is for option 2 and column 3 is for option 3.

For example:

staff 1 staff 2 staff 3

question 1 -- box 1 box 2 box 3
question 2 -- box 1 box 2 box 3

question 3 -- box 1 box 2 box 3