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I'm trying to create a Matching Drop-down quiz in Storyline 360.  I have 10 choices that I'd like to fit into 5 Matches.  Is there any way to set it up so that in the drop down it only shows 5 possible matches instead of repeating itself?  For example, in Form View I currently have it like this:

Choice 1 = Match 1

Choice 2 = Match 2

Choice 3 = Match 1

Choice 4 = Match 3

Choice 5 = Match 2

Choice 6 = Match 2

Choice 7 = Match 2

Choice 8 = Match 4

Choice 9 = Match 5

Choice 10 = Match 5

I'd like the drop down menu to show just Match options 1-5 for each Choice instead of 2 Match 1s, 4 Match 2s, 1 Match 3, 1 Match 4 and 2 Match 5s.

I've attached some images as well.  



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David Truzman

Thanks so much, Ian. I will take a look at it.

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