Multiple response & HTML5 & Firefox & Storyline2


simple 2 slides with multi response (or multiple choice) graded quiz (default setup). Add a custom "submit" and a custom "next/previous slide" buttons. Export - and review HTML5 version in Firefox browser. Select answers on slide 1 - but DO NOT submit answer, then select "next" and on the next slide select "previous" to go back to slide 1. Now try to change your answers - when you move your mouse over the answers the answers starts shuffling randomly (see attached capture.jpg).

Before you start with "Firefox is not supported" - please be informed that SL1 export works as it should (in same firefox browser). Both SL1&SL2 project files as well as exports are attached.

I searched support forums - it seems you had the same bug in SL1, but it was fixed in update 4.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sebastjan, 

I know you mentioned that the SL1 version did work in Firefox, but it's not a supported browser across Storyline 1 or 2 for HTML5 output. Did you look at testing it in Chrome on your desktop or Android device or Safari on an iPad? Those are the supported browsers for HTML5 output in Storyline 2. 

Phil Mayor

I hope firefox is supported in a future release but at the moment it is unsupported.  

In unsupported browsers some functions work and others don't, it is strange it works in SL1, if I am asked to support an unsupported browser the only thing I can do is test and find a workaround or remove certain features,

I don't think there is a fix and you may need to change your navigation if you want to support Firefox in HTML5, or use the flash content (firefox does still work with some versions of flash).