Multiple Response Question: One selection is contingent on another selection

Apr 27, 2016

I'm using Storyline 2 and have created a graded assessment for the end of the course. Since it's graded, there's no instant feedback on the question slides. One of the multiple response questions has 6 possible choices.

Choice 4 is always correct for the question. In rare instances, choice 5 would also be correct, provided the learner has also selected choice 4. Choice 5 alone would not be correct. 

In summary, it looks like this:

Choice 4: Correct

Choice 4+5: Also correct

Choice 5: Incorrect

My dilemma is how to set this up so whether the learner selects choice 4 or choice 4+5, the results slide will show it as correct.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Stephen

As SL executes trigger in a specific order - once a trigger is executed and satisfied it should stop executing following triggers.

try adding these triggers in this order

show layer correct when user clicks submit on condition that state of checkbox 4=selected AND state of checkbox 5=selected.

show layer correct when user clicks submit button on condition that state of state of checkbox 4=selected

show layer incorrect when user clicks submit button on condition that state of state of checkbox 4 is not = selected

if that doesn't work upload the slide and I'll take a look for you.