Multiple sounds when mousing over the player interface

Apr 26, 2016

I have a strange problem.  The attached .story file plays audio when the user mouses over (or tabs to) specific objects in the file.

It works, but I have one weird glitch -- if the user mouses over the player (the gray interface borders provided by Storyline) ALL of the audio plays at once.

Since we can't control the player I'm not sure what to do about this.  I can't remove the player because I need the volume button.

I've tested this from a web server in IE and in Chrome.

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Mike Bubyn

Hi Sharon,

Do you have to have all the assets on the base layer?

The easiest answer is to move all the assets to layers. Then play a layer when it is moused over. You can also lock the layers to end and close when the audio finishes. This forces then to listen to whole audio before moving on.

Happy to mock this up for you is using layers is an option.

Sharon Huston

Mike, I appreciate your effort!  I also tried moving everything to layers (that's where I started, actually!) but it breaks my tab implementation. Users have to be able to tab through the content in sequential order.  

The tab breakage seems to have two components.  One, I'm having a horrible time getting Storyline to show/hide layers on a tab press. It's a simple enough interaction, but it isn't working for me -- and I've been using Storyline for a couple of years now, so this should be a cake walk.And two,  I'm also having trouble tracking tab presses via a variable when multiple layers are involved. And of course Storyline's default always-on accessibility features are getting in the way.

It's just weird that the PLAYER is giving me the cacophony of sounds. This feels like a bug.


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