Multiple tests in course based on job role, where only one test score should ultimately be sent to LMS from Results Slide

Hello, I developed a course with branching based on an employee's role. Each branch would have its own assessment that takes questions from a Test Bank. Although the course would have these two tracks, the learner is only required to complete the test for their role, where that one score should be submitted to the LMS. My question is, is it possible to submit only one test score to the LMS when there are multiple tests and only one test is required to complete the course? I am using Storyline 2.7.

If the above is not possible, will it be possible in Storyline 3, which we are supposed to get soon?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marilyn,

Storyline (all versions) only allows for reporting/tracking one result (either a results slide or total number of courses viewed). I know some folks have looked at options here for multiple SCOs to get around it. 

I know a few folks have built some special custom set ups and shared them here in the E-Learning Heroes community so hopefully they're able to share with you here!